No engage couple wants to spend their free time reading reviews online trying to find the right match, chasing vendors around or having their brain spinning wondering if something has been forgotten. You already have a full-time job so leave the boring part to us and you can enjoy the fun parts.

We will ensure that the planning process is executed in an order that everything matches up (timelines, hours, design) and ensuring that those details that are usually overlooked are not forgotten (transportation, wedding party communication, flowers on time for pictures). We will also help you to elevate your guests experience making everything cohesive, creating the best atmosphere and adding elements throughout your day that will have your guests talking about your wedding for months.

We'll make sure the only thing you remember is the love and joy you felt

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Bilingual and Multicultural Wedding Planners

about V&V

V&V Wedding Planning and Coordination is a bilingual wedding planning company dedicated to helping busy professionals plan a memorable and fun wedding through expert guidance with a focus on attention to detail that allows our couples and their guests to be fully in the moment on the wedding day!

When you decide to hire our wedding planning/coordination services you get more than a wedding planner:

  • You get a Multicultural Experienced Team with strong values that knows how to handle the little unforeseen situations that come up with creativity and empathy, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.
  • You get Logistics Experts, we will walk with you through every single detail of your wedding day making sure every detail has been checked off and we will coordinate with your professional vendor team to make it all happen.
  • You get access to our Planning Tool, we offer to all of our couples access to our planning platform where you can get organize and track all your wedding activities. Learn more here.
  • You get access to our Office Hours, these are 15-minutes sessions that would give access to our Lead planner to ask any questions you may have through out the planning process.

What makes us different? 

let's do it together

I fell in love with wedding planning after planning my own wedding. Believe me I know the struggle, the stress, the pressure, the never ends to-do list but I also learned that finding someone you can trust to guide you through the process can save you tons of time, money and stress.

My favorite aspect of planning is getting to know my couples, understanding their vision, their priorities, and their style, and helping them to make that a reality. It's my job to listen and help you avoid all the stress for you and your close family.

Virginia Fernandez-Swope
Owner & Lead Planner 

passionate, organized, professional & communicative

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Elisa Ortiz
Assistant Coordinator

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Assistant Coordinator

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